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Modular/Portable Putting Greens

Modular/Portable putting greens are great for indoor or outdoor use.  They can be custom designed to fit almost any space.
Regardless of location, our Tour Links® base is the solution for rooftops, patios, porches, decks, office complexes, hotels, medical facilities, yachts, events and trade shows.  

Choose from our standard sizes or create your own custom green.

Standard Sizes




$995.00 plus shipping



$1,388.00 plus shipping



$1,872.00 plus shipping

Custom Modular Greens


The Benefits

Green Relocation 

         “The customer never loses their investment with Tour Links®


              Reconfigure the green in the future.

Move from inside to outside during seasonal changes.

Disassemble and reassemble to an entirely new location.

Regardless of the design complexity of the green, the size of the green, or look

Tour Links® panel green systems can be relocated



            Manufactured from high impact polymers able to sustain the weight of an automobile. 

Less Evasive      

Requires no special equipment for installation, resulting in a more pleasant experience for the consumer.  The likelihood of damaging existing landscaping or hardscaping is dramatically reduced.  Interior installations are essentially mess free.

Flat Verses Contour            

              Built on a tennis court the panels will be dead flat, built on an existing country club green the panels would follow the existing contour of the real grass green underneath. 


Water drains rapidly through seams of the panels. We recommend all that Tour Links® installations be built on top of the existing landscape, in essence creating the highest location of the chosen area. Tour Links® green are the last to become saturated in heavy rain and the first to dry, due to the fact that the water runs through the panels into the ground or flows towards the chosen drainage direction.

Easy To Assemble        

Tour Links® allows golfer’s of any mechanical skill level to create professional results every time.


Dramatically reduces site preparation.  Installation time is cut by 50-75% in many cases, resulting in the customer being able to enjoy their new putting green sooner.


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