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Frequently Ask Questions


Are all synthetic Turf systems alike?

No they are not. Most synthetic turf on the market is made using old technology.  STI continues to stay the leader in the industry by incorporating the latest in Turf technology. Our years of experience, combined with the latest tufting machines allows us to provide you with superior products with a more versitle range. Our synthetic turf products are second to none and carry the longest warranty on the market.

Will synthetic turf mold or mildew?

Due to the non-absorbing nature of the materials used and the drainage base designed to migrate water away from the grass, mold and mildew is not an issue.

Does water drain through the grass?

Yes, our synthetic turf is perforated to allow for water to flow through. Our turf drains at a rate of 40 gallons of water per hour per sqaure yard. 

How is the grass priced?

The grass is priced on a per square foot basis which can be figured by taking the width of an area times the length.

No, unlike other putting green companies, one type of turf doesn't fit all.  We offer a wide variety of turfs in order to meet each client's needs and budget. 
And STI turfs are second to none as far as quality, dependability, consistency, and smoothness of roll.

As you research synthetic putting greens you will discover that there are two main types of turfs installed today.  The sand-filled polypropylene turf was the original turf designed for use on synthetic putting greens.  This type of turf comes in different fiber heights ranging from 0.5" up to and sometimes exceeding 1".  When installed, the fibers are brushed to help them stand up and the turf is then in-filled, usually with some type of sand, depending on the installer.  The final result is a green where the golfer putts along the tips of the fibers and the layer of sand.  While the golfer can certainly putt on this turf, its main advantage is for the golfer who desires to hit longer pitch shots since the infill of sand serves as a "pillow" to cushion the blow of the golf ball as it lands on the green.

After a few years, texturized nylon turfs were developed and are a much shorter, denser, and smoother turf product.  In comparison, most golfers would agree that the nylon turfs result in a much better putting surface and are a more accurate representation of what one would expect in a good golf course green.  While the golfer gets a superior putting surface with the nylon turf, he must sacrifice the ability to hit longer shots into the green since a nylon green does not have the cushion of the sand-filled polypropylene turf and will be much firmer making it difficult to hold a pitch shot.
While some companies install only one turf, STI designs and installs both types since we feel each client's goals are unique and there is a need for both products.  We have 3 different sand-filled polypropylene turfs as well as 4 choices in nylon including our industry leading and exclusive NP50® nylon turf, the same product used by David Leadbetter.

*  Improve your putting and overall short game right at home.  Saves travel time to the club or driving range.
*  Practically maintenance free.  A blower to clean your green is all you need to make it ready.
*  Can be used in ALL weather conditions.  There are never any annoying frost delays.
*  No pesticides, aerifications, fertilizers, mowing or worrying about the heat, cold, drought, disease, or rain.
*  Can be hours of fun for family, friends, or clients.
*  Can increase the property value of your home.
*  Ready to play on immediately after installation - no grow-in waiting periods.

Is Synthetic turf safe for my pets?

Yes, Synthetic turf is safe for pets. There are no chemicals or lead in our turf.

Can Synthetic Turf be used on rooftops around Pools?

Yes, Synthetic turf can be used on rooftops and around pools.


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